Defying Extreme Temperatures: GREE MultiPRO Systems Excel in Extreme Heat and Cold

Source: GREE

For HVAC contractors, ensuring consistent indoor comfort for clients is paramount. However, many HVAC systems falter in extreme temperatures, leading to dissatisfaction and frequent maintenance calls. Enter GREE's MultiPRO systems, a solution designed to excel where others fall short. In this article, we'll explore how GREE challenges common HVAC myths and why MultiPRO stands out as the preferred choice for contractors.

The 20-Degree Myth: GREE MultiPRO's Exceptional Performance

There's a prevailing myth in the HVAC industry: mini-splits can't lower indoor temperatures more than 20 degrees below outdoor temperatures, especially under extreme heat. This belief has deterred many some from considering mini-splits as a viable solution for regions experiencing intense temperatures. However, not all mini-splits are created equal, and GREE's MultiPRO systems are a testament to that.

To address these rumors, we dove deep into publicly available data from GREE and competing mini-split brands. The results were astounding. GREE MultiPRO systems consistently outperformed other high-end inverter-based systems by up to 9,000 BTUs under extreme temperatures, as high as 115 degrees Farenheit. In simpler terms, while the 20-degree myth holds true for other brands, it doesn't for GREE MultiPRO. Even under the most grueling temperatures, the MultiPRO ensures optimal cooling, debunking the myth and setting a new industry standard.

From the blistering 105°F in Dallas to the scorching 115°F in Phoenix, GREE MultiPRO systems have consistently proven their mettle, delivering unmatched cooling when it's needed the most. Even in the face of harsh winter weather, GREE systems stand resilient. Their renowned performance in low-ambient conditions ensures that the cold outside doesn't affect the warmth inside.

Unparalleled Performance: What Makes GREE MultiPRO Stand Out

Design and Engineering Excellence

GREE's commitment to R&D has resulted in the MultiPRO systems, a blend of cutting-edge technology and innovative design. These systems are tailored to deliver consistent performance, ensuring that contractors can promise reliability with every installation.

Beyond Cooling: Dual Performance

The MultiPRO systems aren't just about cooling. They also so provide super efficient heating. Even in the coldest conditions, these systems maintain their efficiency, ensuring that indoor comfort is never compromised.

Benefits of Choosing GREE MultiPRO

The GREE MultiPRO is not just another HVAC system; it's a testament to advanced engineering and design tailored for modern needs. With the capability to handle up to 10 zones using a single outdoor unit, it offers unparalleled flexibility in installation. Its ultra-long piping of up to 985 ft. ensures that even the most challenging spaces can be catered to with ease. A diverse range of indoor mini-split air handler options, from wall mounts to ceiling cassettes, ensures that every space, be it residential or commercial, can benefit from optimal temperature control. Smart Temperature Control, advanced torque control, and automatic fault detection are just a few of the features that make the MultiPRO stand out. Whether it's the sweltering heat of summer or the biting cold of winter, the GREE MultiPRO promises consistent, efficient, and whisper-quiet performance, making it the preferred choice for those who prioritize comfort and reliability.

Dependability Across Seasons

With GREE MultiPRO systems, contractors can assure clients of year-round comfort. These systems adapt to external conditions, ensuring consistent indoor temperatures.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

The efficiency of GREE MultiPRO systems translates to tangible cost savings. Lower energy consumption means reduced utility bills, a selling point that contractors can emphasize to potential clients.

For HVAC contractors, the choice is clear. GREE MultiPRO systems offer a blend of reliability, efficiency, and performance when your clients need cooling under extreme conditions. As the demand for consistent indoor comfort grows, contractors equipped with GREE's offerings will be better positioned to meet client expectations. Dive into our extensive online resources, from detailed installation manuals to troubleshooting guides. And for those aiming to optimize their system choices, our System Builder tool is an invaluable asset. Choose GREE, and ensure unparalleled comfort for your clients, regardless of the weather outside.