GREE Goes Green with R32 Refrigerant

Source: GREE

GREE Goes Green with R32 Refrigerant

In a move towards sustainability, GREE, a global leader in HVAC systems, has taken a significant step by integrating R32 refrigerant into its HVAC system product line. With a keen eye on the future, GREE recognizes the urgent need to reduce environmental impact without compromising on performance. R32 refrigerant emerges as a superior choice, aligning with GREE’s mission to deliver eco-friendly solutions.

Why GREE Chooses R32 Refrigerant

Increased Efficiency from R32

The shift not only represents GREE’s environmental consciousness but also demonstrates its commitment to advancing HVAC technology. With R32, GREE systems offer up to 13% more capacity and 5% more efficiency, showcasing GREE’s dedication to innovation and superior engineering.

The Environmental Impact of GREE’s R32 Refrigerant

Beyond efficiency, GREE’s transition to R32 is a statement against persistent pollutants like polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), commonly found in blended refrigerants. By opting for R32, GREE is ensuring that its systems avoid these ‘forever chemicals,’ making a clear stand for a healthier planet. This proactive approach by GREE sets a benchmark for the industry, reinforcing the vital role of HVAC manufacturers in environmental stewardship.

A Cost-Effective Refrigerant

The benefits of GREE’s R32 mini-split systems extend into operational excellence. These systems require a smaller refrigerant charge, translating into cost-effective installations and maintenance. GREE customers can enjoy a high-performing cooling and heating experience without the hefty price tag, underscoring GREE’s commitment to both sustainability and consumer satisfaction.

Accessibility and Additional Cost Savings with R32

R32’s lack of active patents means it is more readily available and affordable, a factor GREE leverages to provide cost-effective solutions. GREE’s R32 systems are not only competitively priced but also offer lower long-term operational costs, making them a smart investment for consumers looking to balance their budgets and ecological impact.

Safety and Global Adoption of GREE’s R32 Refrigerant

Safety is a non-negotiable aspect of HVAC solutions, and GREE’s R32 systems boast an impressive track record. Recognized globally for their reliability, these systems signify GREE’s unwavering focus on delivering products that meet stringent safety standards without sacrificing environmental considerations.

GREE’s R32 2024 Transition Plan:

Q1: The first quarter is focused on the continued availability of GREE's current inventory of R410A products. This period serves as the foundation phase, where GREE maintains its existing product line while preparing for the transition.

Q2: In the second quarter, significant steps are taken towards the transition. GREE makes its new R32 products available for order from the factory. Additionally, the production of new literature and specifications for the R32 products commences, setting the stage for the upcoming changes.

Q3: The third quarter marks a crucial transition phase. GREE begins the phase-out of its current R410A inventory, signaling a move towards the newer, more environmentally friendly R32 products. During this period, the new literature and specifications for R32 products are made available to the market. Moreover, the first R32 products become available for purchase, offering customers the benefits of the newer refrigerant.

Q4: By the end of the fourth quarter, GREE aims to complete the full transition to the R32 product line. This marks a milestone in aligning with global environmental goals and demonstrates GREE's commitment to sustainability and innovation in HVAC technology.

Throughout the year, GREE's phased approach ensures a smooth transition for both the company and its customers, facilitating adaptation to the new product line while minimizing disruptions.

The Future of HVAC with GREE and R32 Refrigerant

Looking forward, GREE envisions an industry that fully embraces green technologies. The company continues to explore innovative ways to enhance the eco-friendliness of its HVAC systems, with R32 refrigerant playing a pivotal role. GREE invites all industry stakeholders to join in this green revolution, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in environmental responsibility. For homeowners and contractors alike, GREE’s R32-equipped HVAC solutions are the smart choice for those who prioritize both performance and environmental responsibility. Join GREE in this transformative journey and choose HVAC systems that stand for innovation and sustainability.

If you’re interested in learning more about R32 refrigerants, you can watch GREE’s recent live video podcast which covers the topic. If you’re building a new system for your client, be sure to leverage GREE’s detailed system documentation and system builder tool to ensure precision in your upcoming installation. As we work together in the transition to R32, we’ll all make a positive impact on the environment, one mini-split installation at a time.

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