The GREE Difference


At GREE, we develop comfort technology that breathes new life into your world.

The Proof is in the Comfort...

Turbo Cooling

Press “Turbo” button on remote controller to maximize air flow and reach desired temperature in the shortest possible time.

Low Noise

Noise lower than typical library sound levels for the ultimate in quiet unobtrusiveness.

4-Way Air Flow

Louvers can be vertically or horizontally adjusted to direct airflow towards anywhere in the room to maximize room comfort.

Intelligent Defrosting

While traditional defrosting activates for a set time period (for example, 10 minutes every hour), GREE’s Intelligent Defrost only operates when needed: getting the job done efficiently without wasting energy.


Senses temperature at the remote controller instead of at the indoor unit. Adjusts airflow & temperature accordingly for personal comfort and energy savings.

GREE 3-cylinder 2-stage compressors

It’s all in the Design

Cutting-edge micro- circuit for precise inverter control
Stable, reliable compressor
Larger heat exchanger with optimized piping
Electronic expansion valve (EEV) for precise refrigerant flow
Enlarged air intake and outlet
Optimized crossflow fan design with larger air volume to enhance heat exchange efficiency
Optimized axial fan design with larger diameter for greater volume and higher efficiency control
X-Fan Mode
Indoor Unit fan runs continuously after the cooling or dry mode cycle to dry off the evaporator coil
Helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and mildew