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GREE Single Zone Mini-Split Installation

The installation process for single zone mini-splits from GREE is very straightforward. A small, outdoor unit is connected to an indoor unit through a small conduit, which houses the power and communication cables. The indoor unit is then mounted on the wall, floor, or inside an attic or crawl space in the case of slim-duct units, and the indoor and outdoor units are connected. The process is typically completed in 4-6 hours, but this depends on whether or not your system requires more than one air handler, and it will likely take longer if you are installing a multi-zone mini-split system. The installation should be completed by a professional certified GREE mini-split installer. One of the biggest benefits of single zone mini-splits is that they do not require ductwork, which can be a significant cost savings for the customer. This also eliminates the need for invasive construction within the home or business, making the installation process quick and easy, and much cheaper than central HVAC installation.

GREE Comfort's single zone mini-splits also come with detailed system documentation, and we provide instructional videos and best practices that contractors can review prior to install, making it easy for professional HVAC technicians to install. Overall, the installation process for single zone mini-splits from GREE is efficient, non-invasive and cost-effective. Contractors can benefit from using our HVAC system builder to create mini-split systems that will be simple and easy to install and perfectly conform to their clients’ needs. Be sure to contact a certified GREE mini-split installer to discuss your project, and visit our mini-split rebates page to ensure you’re getting the most cost effective system for your project.