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About GREE

Is GREE a global HVAC manufacturer?

Yes, GREE Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai is the world largest air conditioner enterprise integrating Research & Development, manufacturing, marketing and services.  GREE’s annual production capacity is 60 million residential air conditioning systems and 5 million commercial systems.  GREE have 80,000 employees, 5,000 engineers on staff, located throughout their nine manufacturing facilities worldwide, based in China, Brazil, Pakistan and Vietnam.  Gree products are sold into more than 100 countries worldwide including the United States.

Is GREE brand represented in USA market?

Yes, GREE Ductless splits and PTAC products are sold in the United States through the largest and experienced HVAC/R distribution and installer network in the country.  Currently operating over 500 locations in 37 states in United States and Puerto Rico, and serving over 50,000 contractors to install, service or replace your HVAC system.  GREE Ductless systems and PTAC products are available throughout the country at a location close to you so you can order today and cool tomorrow. Check GREE installer locator to select a GREE dealer close to you.

What are the key GREE brand attributes?

Efficiency leadership and proven quality at affordable prices, delivering the best value in the market.  GREE Ductless systems are among the highest efficient in the market today, up to 30.5 SEER.  Reliable and quality Ductless and PTAC products that are affordable to today’s residential and commercial customers, backed by a Five Year limited parts warranty.  Check GREE warranty statement for additional information and details.

What is GREE’s commitment to environment?

Resource efficiency with you and the planet in mind – At the core of GREE Ductless systems is a high efficiency Inverter-driven compressor engineered to reduce up to 65% of your cooling and heating energy consumption, while sustaining high standards of performance.  GREE Ductless systems and PTAC products sold in the United States uses environmentally friendly refrigerant, R410a.

What are GREE’s performance, safety and quality certifications?

GREE prides itself on the reliability and quality of its products.  World class, state-of-the-art quality control methods are employed throughout the manufacturing process, including a separate plant where all key components are pre-tested.  In addition, GREE Ductless Series have the following certifications:

  • Energy Star Qualified  (on Select models)
  • AHRI Certified
  • ETL Listed

Learn about SEER
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GREE Products and Services

What are the key advantages of GREE Ductless systems?

Some of the advanced features and functions of GREE Ductless Systems are:

  • G10 Inverter Technology – Provides enhanced system performance and energy savings – lower power consumption, Ultra-low frequency / low noise and precise temperature control.
  • Acrylic Resin/Anti-Corrosion Coating protects all coils against the corrosive effects of VOC’s and outside air, extending the operating life of your system.  Available on CROWN, TERRA, VIREO, LIVO and MULTI-21 NEO systems only.
  • I Feel Function – Uses the remote to sense surrounding temperatures, adjusting the airflow accordingly for maximum comfort and energy savings.
  • Photocatalytic Filter – Improves indoor air quality by effectively eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, reducing contaminants and oxidizing odors.  Available on TERRA Series.
  • Comfortable Sleep Mode – Allows you to design a cycle that follows your sleeping pattern to maximize comfort and reduce utility bills.
  • Intelligent Defrost – Reduces energy loss and defrost time by only defrosting when needed instead of by a set timer.
  • Energy Saving Function – Automatically adjusts the indoor temperature in cooling or heating to reduce power consumption and maximize savings.  Available on selected models only.