The GREE Difference

Why Ductless?

Why Ductless?

As Quiet as a Whisper, With Power and Efficiency.

Ductless Mini-Splits operate via an indoor air handler & and outdoor compressor unit with utmost efficiency and climate control.

Ideal for



than replacing a central system

Great for


a central system
room with mini-split
room with mini-split
The Duct-Free Advantage

Faster Cooling. Precise Control. Energy Savings. Eco-Friendly Refrigerant.

Precisely heats & cools only desired (occupied) spaces
Maintains a constant temperature – no wild swings or noisy HVAC starts & stops
Delivers up to 50% energy savings (up to 38 SEER) compared to conventional ducted systems – check for rebates
Acts as a personalized thermostat through remote control/WiFi capabilities
Avoids 30% heating & cooling loss from air passing through ductwork
Easy install, no mess in home - licensed contractor installation required for Warranty Coverage

Where to Install

Houses & rooms that require cooling, heat or both
Sun & Season rooms
Open-wall remodels
Historical structures
Vacation rentals
Bonus space - garages, basements, attics, sheds
Commercial spaces – offices, restaurants, classrooms, hotel/motel, dorms, etc.
Supplement to inefficient/insufficient systems to maintain desired comfort level

How it Works

Using advanced inverter technology, mini-splits operate via an indoor air handler & outdoor compressor with utmost efficiency and comfort.

Case Study: Talking Comfort With Wallace-Thompson Funeral Homes

See the Difference

Better than any Window AC

Houses & rooms that require cooling, heat or both
Enjoy your indoor space without noisy AC distractions – 19 dB(A) as compared to 52 dB(A) with a typical 12K window unit
Sleek look to blend with your decor blends seamlessly into any room setting and doesn’t block your natural light
Prevents intruders, pests and dust from entering your home – no window is compromised