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Energy Efficiency

Designed to go easy on the planet.

Energy Efficiency

Almost half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. So making smart decisions with your cooling and heating systems can greatly impact your utility bills – and your comfort.

Appliance Energy Use GraphBecause they don’t rely upon long stretches of ductwork (which can often be leaky) to deliver heated or cooled air, ductless systems are generally more efficient overall. In fact, distribution energy loss in typical forced air systems has been estimated to be as high as 40%, while estimates for energy loss in ductless systems range from 1% to 5%.

Whereas typical systems generally cap out at 18 SEER, ductless systems, most of which are ENERGY STAR® qualified, Gree ductless systems can achieve up to 30.5 SEER, greatly reducing utility bills. Additionally, because indoor environments can be managed by individual zone, less energy is wasted heating or cooling unoccupied areas.

Thanks to their operational efficiency and zoning capabilities, ductless mini splits waste less energy overall and thus have a smaller carbon footprint. Additionally, all of our newer Gree systems use eco-friendly R410A refrigerant, which doesn’t deplete the ozone layer and is better for the environment than the old standard, R22.

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