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Terra 系列




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Feature-rich with advanced components, the TERRA is our highest-efficiency model, specially designed to save energy and protect the environment. Through our commitment to smart ecological design, the TERRA’s unrivalled technology packs an energy-efficient punch that is guaranteed to resonate well in any atmosphere. This sleek heating and cooling device is a ductless wall mount heat pump system, equipped with the latest G10 inverter technology and an intelligent energy saving function – up to 27 SEER, engineered to reduce up to 65% of your energy consumption. Minimal and contemporary in appearance, the TERRA easily blends in with its surroundings and utilises a highly intuitive wireless remote control that aids in regulating room temperature with in-built I FEEL automation. Our state-of-the-art photocatalytic filter and X-fan improves air quality by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, while dually inhibiting mildew growth on its coil.  Advanced efficiency with refreshing ease, the TERRA sustains long-term savings for you and the environment.


  • G10变频技术,达到高节能效果
  • 四面送风
  • I-feel 功能和节能模式
  • 除菌滤网
  • 智能除霜


  • 低温制冷低达5华氏度
  • 低电压起动
  • 智能预热
  • X吹风自动清洁
  • 防霉设计
  • LED 显示
  • 自我诊断
  • 24小时定时
  • 控制锁
  • 延迟吹风功能