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Mini-Split Madness: Here, There, Everywhere

Mini-Split Madness: Here, There, Everywhere

Mini-Splits are no longer just the HVAC system of choice for the world outside of the United States. More people in this country are also installing mini-splits to enjoy the benefits of energy savings, versatility, gained living space, and problem-solving. And let’s not forgot how quiet the outdoor unit is – a very welcome change for your side yard or patio.

While “problem” areas such as season rooms & sunny breakfast nooks continue to benefit from mini-split systems, other spaces are also being added to the mix. With the pandemic, people are spending more time at home and trying to maximize their living space for a home office, gym, children’s area, etc. Mini-splits are the perfect solution to condition a garage, basement, attic and outdoor shed.

These spaces are perfect for mini-splits, single or multi-zone:

  • Open-wall remodels
  • Historical structures
  • “She Sheds” & “Man Caves”
  • Vacation rentals
  • Garages, basements, attics
  • Office, restaurants, classrooms, hotel/motel, dorms
  • Supplemental AC to insufficient/inefficient systems

So next time you’re talking with a homeowner, remind them that mini-splits are no longer just for the European hotel room!

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