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Did you know that with the GREE Multi21+ multi-zone system, only one indoor unit is required? That’s right, a multi-zone outdoor unit can be used as an “expandable single zone.”

No matter what the capacity of the Multi21+ ODU, 18, 24, 30, 36 or 42K, you only need to install just one IDU and you have a fully functional “approved” GREE system…WOW!

Even if your design / proposal only calls for one IDU, always quote, at the least, the 18K multi-zone ODU that can accommodate two IDU. Then you can go back to that family a year or two from now and “expand” on that same system as their household grows.

I can predict how a homeowner will probably reply to a proposal for an “expandable single zone system…” they will say, “no one else told us they could do that.”

No one else told them that because NO ONE ELSE CAN! That’s right… the Daikin MXS series multi zone can’t do it… the Fujitsu AOU series can’t do it…the LG Multi F series can’t do it…and the Mitsubishi M series can’t do it. They all require at least two IDU be installed. Not GREE, we need just one and done!

With that, you just won the job!

The bottom line…

You quote 10 jobs like this and you get 9. The reason you don’t get the tenth is that is the family who needs to watch every penny or the limited electrical capacity which means they can only go with a 115v system.

The price difference is hundreds…not thousands of dollars and for most homeowners, if you explain to them the advantage of the expandable system, they will see the value and agree to the minimally higher cost.


Keep in mind that the single indoor unit must be at least one capacity size smaller than the outdoor system.

Here are some examples:

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