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Quiet Operation

As quiet as a whisper but as powerful as a tornado.

Gree Quiet Operation Ductless System When it comes to performance, Gree ductless split systems never sacrifice power for comfort. Instead, they’re whisper quiet yet incredibly powerful. That’s because the noisiest component—the compressor—is installed outside and can be placed up to 100’ away from the indoor unit which means Gree ductless systems are much quieter than window mounted air conditioners.

Maximize your comfort experience with CROWN.  GREE’s unique G10 Inverter designed with Ultra low frequency torque and low noise control.  G10 Inverter maintains constant temperature and energy savings at very low frequency with minimal vibration and more stability, reducing the sound level of the outdoor unit.  You can modulate CROWN indoor unit – seven fan speeds from Turbo to Mute, with sound power level as low as 22db(A) in low fan speed (9,000 size) for your indoor comfort and peace of mind.