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Reap the Rewards

Be sure to take full advantage of your GREE Select Dealer status to reap all the benefits for your customer and for YOU!
1. Offer 10 Year Warranty on parts. Only GREE Select Dealers can offer a 10 year warranty program. Just make sure to register the installation on and you’re good to go.
2. Earn points for cash. Remember that for every BTU you sell on the outdoor unit, you receive $1.00 in cash. Register all your installations on and watch your money grow!

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Did you know that with the GREE Multi21+ multi-zone system, only one indoor unit is required? That’s right, a multi-zone outdoor unit can be used as an “expandable single zone.”
No matter what the capacity of the Multi21+ ODU, 18, 24, 30, 36 or 42K, you only need to install just one IDU and you have a fully functional “approved” GREE system…WOW!

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Mini-Split Madness: Here, There, Everywhere

Mini-Splits are no longer just the HVAC system of choice for the world outside of the United States. More people in this country are also installing mini-splits to enjoy the benefits of energy savings, versatility, gained living space, and problem-solving. And let’s not forgot how quiet the outdoor unit is – a very welcome change for your side yard or patio.

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Tips & Tricks

Follow these 3 simple steps when selecting, preparing and installing GREE and you’re well on your way to success…

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