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No project is too large for Gree. Our Super +Multi heat pump systems utilize G10 inverter technology to provide lower power consumption and quieter sound levels, while providing trouble free comfort. Gree’s 2-port or 3-port BU Modules vary refrigerant volumes and allow one outdoor unit to connect to as few as 2 to a maximum of 8 (48,000 Btu/h) or 9 zones (58,000 Btu/h). The longer refrigerant line capabilities, of Super +Multi heat pumps, simplify system layout and offer much more flexibility locating indoor units.


    • 3口或2口的BU模块
    • 噪音量低达57分贝
    • 低温制冷低达-5华氏度
    • 管长达到140 尺 (48k) 和475 尺(56k)
    • 智能除霜
    • 多点诊断
    • R410A 冷媒